There are power limiters built in a PSU for PCs and they will pull down the voltage as the current drain will rise. The problem was the motherboard! Same fault on both. When booting my system powered up and run fine! Help is not to be found her. You might try her PSU in your system.

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Did he say he tried a Corsair VX?

MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690V

My system for spec. I still do believe that it is the MSI Motherboard causing the problem!

As I have written earlier, the XP driver works fine but does not support Aero. It also works if the XP driver is installed in Vista but then the Aero function of Vista does not work.

This is my last posting on this site. New graphics card put a heavy burdon on expecially the 12V line. Any help is appreciated! It will run, but you may find yourself in trouble within a few months.

sounnd The PC is built on the following components: I do not expect that mdi are interested in the root of the cause to the problem is as you only want to blame the PSU. Soujd is more likely to be? Does anyone have any sollution on how to get around the problem, except for buying a new grafic board or a new motherboard? But I only respond on issues that I know about and they are a lot when someone declaires a problem, do not throw your standard reply, Blame the PSU.


It is nothing wrong with the K9sgm3. My system contains following items: I can do so during the weekend. Only way to get the system to work is to remove the driver while in Fail Safe mode. Bios should have nothing to do with an intermittant video problem. If you do not agree, explaine to me how a driver can cause PSU problems. If you drain all power lines from that PSU you will drain more than at total of W there are – power lines tooW more that it is cabable of.

Support For K9AGM3-F | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

She rebooted the PC and when Vista should sund it crached. If you try to drain all power lines to the max the fuses will blow or the PSU will collapse.

I even know how to recall the fault, whenever I want! It is fine for her system and the power is enough. We can only hand out tools to sohnd it, we can’t give working solutions. Now, try this suggestion first I made a fresh, clean installation, formatting the hard drive first. S When i say “no beep” i mean POST beep on boot I don’t think the monitor is the cause cause the first thing i did was to test the computer on a different monitor and didn;t work You are so right,Intermittant is tough to figure out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is what I know at present.

The PSU is not to blame that a driver can not be installed into a system! I bet it works fine then. That doesn’t mean that your Monitor could not kk9agm3 the cause? When replacing the motherboard the system booted every time, even with the W PSU. We then made a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my system, with her GeCube installed.

Mabye it is the on board VGA that causes the fault, even when it is “disconnected”. Well beep codes are not the same for all BIOS systems.