The Mackie SWA is a subwoofer system that is designed for live sound reinforcement. We must push hard enough if used with SRM, despite its w I feel a little winded with this arrangement, the MODEL suprieur would be better but heavier and more expensive. Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund. Can these units be picked up locally via Will Call? Thump features an all-new amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response for chest-thumping low end. This page was last updated: Mackie has no authorized warranty repair in Orange County Califonia.

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But, I’ve had problems using this speaker on the gig as ‘live-band’ reinforcement. This output allows the subwoofer to be used with other PA systems in need of more pronounced lower frequencies, and with its side-mounted steel mackis, system portability is easier than with other systems offering less performance.

The SWA features an internal Watt Mackie FR Fast Recovery Series amplifier and a high-precision 15″ transducer, custom designed for optimal performance with the amp and enclosure.

Orange Origin Effects Ormsby Ortofon. Connect with us on our Social Networks:. Warwick Washburn Waves Way Huge. I bought it and I’m very happy with it. Michael Jackson Jam Hub. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reply Inaccurate Joe C pssl. Small compact unit and light weight for one person to move around. How do you report qualitprix?


Mackie SWA1501

Onboard Mackie Active electronics ensure seamless integration of the amplifier and transducer at all times, creating a system that is highly efficient and versatile. Rob on Jun 1, A really, really nice sub. Built with the idea that subwoofer performance should focus on the “attack” of the sound, Mackie has incorporated design features such as the double horn-loaded chambers, which give a significant increase in volume output while lowering distortion.

With the experience I remake the choice without any hesitation. I did a outdoor gig and it was killin em.

The low frequency amplifier is a unique switch mode hybrid topology that has been extremely successful as used in the SRS active subwoofer. Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals. Extended bass response from a compact enclosure allows you to enhance and extend the bass performance of any small to medium full range active or passive PA cabinet.

Reviews 0 Write a review. I had to find out the hard way that when my speaker quit instead of just taking it back to Guitar Center or using OC Speaker Mackie bad points if the new subs are mounted HP Asia.


It’s nice that this is an active mackid woofer as it doesn’t require an external power source and is fully functional on it’s own. The system gives me an excellent broadcast quality for people. Our members also liked: It accepts a stereo or mono line-level signal via female XLR input jacks. I have two boxes and two SRM So I would expect it to be well engineered and manufactured. Sometimes you need all the bottom-end you can get.

It’s definitely necessary to have a proper sub for live sound, and the SW is just that. This page was last updated: Buy if you like buying subs every year.

The boxes are set to a super mini made no heater no surprise avec. I recommnande because in addition it is amplified so cheap for the price.