I’ve not experienced any malfunctioning behavior on my two SuperMicro controllers with this chip. Five minutes later i was running an array of ten drives, spread on the floor! The box continues to boot You already flashed with newest firmware. View attachment Shows you the adapter type and firmware revision. You can do a “mfiutil show drives” to see attached drives and “mfiutil show volumes” to show the available volumes. If the machine is finally running i’ll try some Benchmarking.

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Normally the 4 port variants have a “4” instead of an freebsr in the model number such as the i 8 port versus the i 4 port.

You’re more likely to get a refund from a scammer if they are in the USA than overseas from my experience. Jason Developer posts. They try to make it look Windows-y and while it’s possible to control from the keyboard use ALT plus the highlighted characters, and ENTER to selectit helps to have a mouse.

Dec 21, Messages: A “dmesg grep mps” would show something like: Older versions of the firmware didn’t present unconfigured disks as JBOD, but newer firmware does. You can find a picture here: I have just one PCI-express slot with the current configuration lets call it ‘mark I’.


Support of LSI E and Intel SRL RAID Ctrl

Jan 1, Messages: You already flashed with newest firmware. PatrickFeb 12, If you haven’t figured it out, the point is to steer away from port-dense and extremely pricey RAID controllers. I would love to see benchmarks of that many disks, but feel lssi RAM is rather limited for that armada of disks; 50 disks is quite alot! Firmware is flashed to IT-mode firmware but i still don’t see the drives attached to the expanders.

Let ZFS do its thing. Jan 10, Messages: BIOS issues may cause boot failures, especially if you mix several controllers.

Here’s how they look at the moment: No userland utility support e. Do you know one? It prompted my two Chenbro expanders as enclosures but didn’t list any of the drives.

I replied on the article about the ServeRaid 10 BRi instead of using the forum so apologies for that.

LSI RAID Controller – HBA Equivalency Mapping

Just the US supply! It is important to crossflash this card!


If you do, it works under the “mps” driver, and it becomes a plain HBA. At first, the hardware already present: Maybe it runs with FreeNAS too?

Can’t finde Firmware for LSI E(C0) (Orcale Sun F20) – Enterprise Gear – Level1Techs Forums

But if you’re stuck with an LSI RAID controller, here’s some hopefully helpful information because you’re probably sitting there wondering “what now. Dec 30, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Looks like it yeah. But i found an LSI You can hit control-C during that to get to the card configuration utility.

The takeaway from all of this?