The only thing I would add is color. The soft angles and the anodized finish feel good in your hand, and it’s equally convenient for both righties and lefties. Feels good in your hand. While most of the distortion we measured is low and primarily of interest to music purists, it is audible. Dell should have made two separate cables one for hooking to the PC and one for Charging the batt. The rechargeable battery of this Dell 20 GB MP3 player, once charged, keeps you entertained for up to 16 hours.

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Whereas, the USB interface of this Dell digital media player makes transferring of song easy. Yes, there are things that Dell could do to make rj20 ‘perfect’ but I’m happy with what I have for now!

Each and every one of these mp3’s were replaced for FREE.

Dell DJ 20 20gb Gen 2 Digital Jukebox Mp3 Player (silver)

Integrated with 20 GB storage capacity, this Dell digital media player can house up to songs. It w ill often freeze after you undock it.

Skip to main content. You can also purchase a second, smaller remote with just the play and volume controls. The third one just never worked properly.

Dell DJ 20 – Review – PCMag UK

In order to sync up you plug in a really odd cable that is sure to wear out someday. More MP3 and digital music player reviews: Additional Product Features Drll Type.


I bought an FM radio transmitter so I can play it through any stereo! I didn’t find this to be the case though.

So basically you have to plug the delll of the USB that hooks to your SJ and let the rest dangle and then plug in the charging pack to the cord, then plug it in. About this product Product Information You can enjoy listening to your favorite music and even record it in the Dell DJ 20 media player. Our only other complaint about the DJ 20 is its blue backlight: It’s flanked by fast-forward and rewind buttons that are depl with a nice ballistic curve: The only thing I would add is color.

Feels good in your hand.

The central control feature as d2j0 the prior DJ is the thumb-operated roller switch, which scrolls on-screen selections up and down and selects them as you press down on it. If you love music, get yourself this Dell! It doesn’t have games like the Ipod and it doesn’t offer one million accesories.

I bought this 20GB at dell.

Apart from the roller, which juts out from the player’s faceplate, the dimensions are essentially identical to the full-size iPod’s. Product Key Features Storage Capacity.


FM reception is good in strong signal areas, but somewhat spotty in fringe areas. Navigation with either remote is limited to forward and del, which is really all you need.

My friends had Ipods, but I decided to be different — I’ve had my DJ 20 for about four months, and have had some problems with it. The “Rock” EQ preset introduces significant amounts of harmonic distortion. The only trick is that you have to put the music in the “My Music” folder dwll the device to find it.

Overall, we’d prefer that these features be integrated into the main unit. The soft angles and the anodized finish feel good in your hand, and it’s equally convenient for both righties and lefties. A Back button takes you one step up in the menu hierarchy, and the Home button takes you to the top menu. Don’t have to charge it much, and it lasts a long time. But, the DJ has a vell blue screen, is very user friendly the DJ is friendly, but the MusicMatch software isn’tand it is just about the same as the Ipod.