Reply February 1, Martin. Ok then can I ask another question? DAC techonology has been improving so much, and now we can have a great sounding DAC for a very affordable price. Since the HUD-mx1 is their first product, it should give be a good indicator of what to expect from this company. Hello, That would be great, looking forward towards it.

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Right, however the volume knob on the audinst will still be able to control the volume level. It might be that the HDs are slightly recessed in the upper mid region, and the Audinst does nothing to try and fix that.

My gear is not high end but it should notice. So if it seems like I am being unrealistically prolific with my reviews, that is not the case. Reply April 19, Mike. Hi, Yes, I have the uDac coming. Many lesser DACs fall short in this area, but the Audinst does a great job. Hu-dmx1 July 8, Anonymous.

A nice touch considering many audio companies treat the package as an afterthought. Reply September 27, Nugra.


Audinst HUD-MX1 | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Reply August 20, Mike. With Sennheiser eh headphones it sounds very similar too, the Audinst barely more power to spare but same sound signature. Reply January 23, Anonymous.

There is no power switch on the unit, as it automatically detects whether your computer is on and turns itself auudinst and off accordingly.

Will there be a review on HUD Mini? Any plans to review it in the future?

For less than dollars, there’s not a lot to complain about here. Mike, Right, however the volume knob on the audinst will still be able to control the volume level. Just wanted to add a link to audiofils excellent thread about this same device: Reply April 13, Shintita.

Once again I aplogize for the lack of internal pictures. What do you think about that? Brian, Mostly the difference would be on bass impact. After a aaudinst days, try going back to your laptop DAC, and audibst should notice a big difference. I just got my hands on Uber muzik tiny tube DAC version 2, it has the hud-ms1 sound stage.


Reply April 11, SVM. No matter how you started, when you plug in the PSU even while playing music, Audinst takes the volume down and reinitializes from the PSU source.

Audinst HUD mx1 Hi Fi USB Audio DAC DACs user reviews : out of 5 – 1 reviews –

I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ,-. Reply October 21, Mike.

Hi Mike, Im interested in buying airmotiv 4 speakers and trying to choose a dac. Cables were mostly Impact Acoustics Sonic Wave.

It is essentially a much higher end amp pretending to be a fairly budget piece of gear. Is the OPA line out opamp rollable?

Audinst HUD-MX1

Which stock op-amp will you request for HUD Mini? Hello, Thank You for an aucinst review! I think they designed it to work well with the original opamp so I’ll just stick to that.