Step Action Click Image to Enlarge 1 Pull the media tray out from the printer until you meet resistance. Click the link to watch the tutorial video on How to replace the Fuser kit. Follow the directions below to check each of these components. You can use the packaging materials that came with the new fuser kit to do so. Image 4 5 Gently pull the fuser and remove it from the machine.

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A small piece of paper can get wrapped around one of the rollers here.

If so, please open the front door and remove the toner cartridge. Remove any and all jammed sheets of paper you find.

Testing the printer with plain paper will eliminate special media as part of the cause of the jamming.

These are the rollers that grab and kexmark the paper up into the printer. Solution When you first receive this error, do the following: Remove any jammed sheets of paper you find there.

Please enter the email address you would like to send a copy of this page to. Using the drive gear, gently pull the right-hand side of the transfer roller to slightly detach it from the machine.


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Image 6a Image 6b 7 Insert the Imaging Unit and then the toner cartridge. For more information on the media specifications for this printer, refer to the User’s Guide or lexmari the Card Stock and Label Guide.

For service in the U. You should hear a clicking sound indicating that the roller has been locked in place.

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If you receive an Invalid Engine Code error message, there is a problem with the printer. As a temporary fix, you can try flipping the rubber feed rollers inside out. Image 2a Image 2b. If you are not able to find and remove any obstruction, the printer will probably need service to isolate the problem and replace the failing component.

Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if you need additional assistance.

Contacting Lexmark Technical Support: Squeeze both sides of the pick roller latchand move the pick roller assembly rightward to remove it. Then flip the rubber tire inside out and put it back on the wheel.

Reset the maintenance counter Lexmark T T T

If the printer still will not pull any paper, your feed rollers may be worn. This error can also occur if there is a problem with the printer or with one of the communication cables connecting the printer to the computer or network. Did this document help solve your problem?


If the paper still does not feed at all, the feed motor to tray 1 may not be feeding the paper.

Send the old fuser kit back to Lexmark for recycling purposes. Look for any obstructions at the leading edge of where the paper is jamming.

Reset the maintenance counter Lexmark T640 T642 T644

If you are having difficulties doing the replacement, please contact Lexmark Technical Support. Image 2 3 Remove the separator roller assembly. Image 9a Image 9b 10 Send the old fuser kit back to Lexmark for recycling purposes. Please enter the email address you would like to send a copy of this page to. Image 4 5 To install the pick roller assembly, hold the paper flag down out of the way as shown in Image 5a.

Image 1a Image 1b.

When installing the pick roller assembly, avoid all contact with the roller surfaces, or paper jams might result.

Look into the printer where the paper tray goes.