Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. By default, Informix code throws an exception if it cannot immediately acquire a lock. To Add an External System to the Environment. IBM Informix product family Web pages. My informix database is set to buffer log mode.

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Hi I am using Informix database for my transaction processing and we have created four databases 1. Specifies the user name the adapter uses to connect to the database. Adapter External System properties must be configured from within the Environment. Register XA-compliant, external data sources with Informix. I checked the issue infor,ix it says it will time out and the Informix is not honoring the transaction isolation level.


The format is with no spaces: Deletes an instance of an XA-compliant, external data source. Do you think by setting to log mode or do we need to somthink else. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Infprmix feedback Examples exchange Troubleshooting.

This scenario might occur within the application code or within a component of Application Server such as scheduler. Acodingly, Our application has following flow. A valid port number.


The current value of DBDATE is communicated to the Informix database by the Informix client at the moment that it connects to the database, and remains in effect until the Informix client disconnects from the database. IBM Informix product family Web pages.

Processing …

Ensures that the DBDATE value, at the moment that the informkx connects to an Informix database, is the same value that was in effect immediately after the adapter’s environment was set up. In a distributed environment, you must register a data source at the local, coordinator server. Outbound Oracle Adapter Environment Properties.

Using the Environment Properties Editor. If indormix plan to use SQLJ for queries, this provider also requires driver file ifxsqlj. Name Description Required Values Description. The Adapter Environment Configuration properties contain parameters that define how the adapter connects to and interacts with other Enterprise Service Bus components within the Environment.

Outbound Sybase non-Transactional Adapter.

Read permission for the Informix data and index files. For example, to use SDK 2.

Preparing the Informix Environment

Creates a type of XA-compliant, external data source. The transaction manager runs ingormix routines for each XA-compliant, external data source that participates in a distributed transaction at a particular transactional event, such as prepare, commit, or rollback.


Note – The setSpyAttributes, contained in the following examples between the last set of double octothorps [ ] within each exampleare used for debugging purposes and need not be used on every occasion.

Turn on this property when multiple users access the same database. Specifies the number of milliseconds of pause before each reattempt to access the destination file.

Informix transaction support for XA-compliant, external data sources

Immediate commands are non-parameterized SQL statements that are passed directly to the data source. Deletes a type of XA-compliant, external data source.

The following message might be logged if you are experiencing this problem: These parameters help prevent transaction management errors from occurring in the case of multiple client requests. I have created four xml-files like. Write permission for the Informix data and index files.

You can force it to reconnect by issuing the following commands:.