The checkerboard background indicates transparent pixels. On loading of the images, Hugin will not be able to detect any EXIF lens data and ask you for the horizontal field of view. A single image is used as texture map for the horizon Section 7. Apparent solar time directly tracks the motion of the sun. Helvetios 51 Peg — Helvetios is Celtic for the Helvetian and refers to the Celtic tribe that lived in Switzerland during antiquity. If we want to document the view, say, in a big hall like a church, optimal results will be gained with a camera on a tripod with a specialized panorama head Figure 7.

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In the Control Points tab, select the image with the vertical edge in both subframes, and mark points on the vertical gc-usg-nfocus.

The most adcom postprocessing need for our panorama is making the sky transparent. Then press Create control points. Bret McKee did a major refactoring of the mount code and other internals and Jared Wellman has added new scripting bits.

Generally the color depends on the appropriate mix of city lights sodium, mercury vapour, etc. A complete list of configuration file options and values may be found in appendix D.


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A program to convert Equatorial coordinates into decimal form and write a textures. Night scene with constellation artwork and moon. For aligning, you should switch Stellarium to Stereographic projection for optimal results. The number of choices is governed by the loaded DSO catalogs and plug-ins. See Appendix B for more information. This driver provides both telescope and focuser interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.

It’ll move it there albeit slowly, at guide speed. Interface Extensions The access to the remote control may optionally be restricted with a simple password.

ASCOM GCUSB_nFOCUS Focuser Driver for ASCOM v6 – GC Astrogene_stuff Software Informer.

In addition, after a hash mark marking a comment sign, some reference information should be noted. Feather Touch Focuser 4. When this plugin is loaded see section Import data dialog — view after downloading and parsing the MPC data.

Press Ctrl and slide the mouse along the direction of daily motion to go forward, or to the other direction to go backward. Jupiterthe initial zoom in will go to an aecom level where the whole sub-system should be visible.

However, take a look at the clock in the status bar. With results like these, it’s clear PHD Guiding has helped a lot of amateurs enjoy the hobby more and take better shots.


This file consists of 2 simple columns: You can zoom with the mouse wheel or the Page or Page keys. Just select your star and hit “PHD Guide” and let the software take care of it.

Thank you all for helping make PHD Guiding what it is today. Files and Directories 5. The resulting panorama will then show a good asclm line, while stitching artifacts in a grassy or otherwise only decorative ground will usually be acceptable and can, if needed, be camouflaged in postprocessing.

Indication for mount mode You can activate the short display of a message when switching type of used mount. Enable and it will ask for the position.

Rigel Systems usb-nFOCUS User Manual

Figures by Georg Zotti. Advanced users will learn to use these shortcut keys. To open a command window console, a. On the right side a description of the selected survey and its properties are displayed. Originally just used for decoration, since version