See your user’s manual for specific instructions for your GPS unit. I also have a 64bit pc, hardware and software but must admit this is windows 7 and windows 8. Hi Simon, first off, the remark on the com settings , I think you need to explore that first. I upgraded it to the eTrex H high sensitivity version. One option is to use any convenient mapping software to generate a route, save it as a GPX file in a folder, then use Easy GPS to transfer it to the eTrex. I think there’s a difference between tracks and routes both of which can be in a gpx – have you tried easygps?

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If these procedures do not resolves the communication issue, try a different USB to Serial Converter cable produced by another manufacturer seroal see if it will transfer data properly.

Garmin eTrex H – hey presto

Question whether the garmin software does detect your device or not, at all. I upgraded it to the eTrex H high sensitivity version.

You only pay a subscription for the maps. I had originally installed the Communicator Plugin, but this made no difference.

Also the communication to the etrex seems to work fine via the updater, which is asking different functionality then google earth or other appsat least it is recognized also proven by installing on other pc’s. ONly very little software usbb truely 64 bit at the moment. Anquet Version 1 software is no longer available and is no longer supported but it continues to work well on my Windows 7 desktop and Gxrmin 7 laptop.


What a mistake sub make! Trip distance odometer Maximum speed Average speed while in motion Time in motion Time standing still For each data field, you can choose from 31 different values. Using MapSource and setting the device manually as above worked Thanks.

OMN is very impressive and it can be used offline with the iPhone. Any further suggestions would be welcome.

I had to get a cheap USB cable to avoid the need for serial. Thanks Lyle, Ivo and boogyman. Reasons why this is interesting in my opinion is following. If the USB to Serial Converter cable is agrmin installed properly follow the instructions that came with the cable to install the drivers.

Modernizing your Garmin serial interface

Check out this thread. When purchasing any hardware for your computer please make sure that it had the proper drivers for your Operating Garmib especially when it is a 64 bit version. My only reservation about OMN on the iPhone is the need to conserve battery life, whereas I can carry spare batteries for the Garmin. I used Anquet Version 1 software with Windows 7 and both eTrex versions worked fine.

I also called Garmin and explained the situation in detail. Restart gagmin device, check the connections and try again. The USB to Com converter does what is does, it converts the type of connection to the PC, actuall that part of hardware seems to work fine.


Name of next waypoint Distance to next waypoint Estimated remaining time until arrival at next waypoint Direction to next waypoint Current speed. The rate of closure to the destination, based upon your current speed and ubs.

TRAMsoft GmbH – GARMIN eTrex H (english)

They told me they had a definite fix for this and would send the details I needed via e-mail. Just make sure you change the port from within the GPS software you are using. Both are excellent products.

Presumably these must be set according to the default “expectations” of the serial port on the eTrex H. Installed Communicator Plugin only, rebooted, installed Google Earth, rebooted. I experienced a similar problem when first trying to connect my Etrex H, the garmih was inside the packaging that the adapter cable came in the form of a micro CD, which I had missed, that had the driver software on for the adapter cable, loaded it and then the communicator plugin Skills4survival posted and it worked fine.

Click Cancel to stop. Draw simple routes with a few waypoints joined with straight lines. Do you rtrex access to another PC to test the setup?