And for Pedals i recommend the simped varios. Here are two quotes. The second issue was the rudder pedals. Try going down the list and binding the controls to the buttons and axes that you want. Right at the base are your 3 trim controllers.

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I am very curious about this as well. Additionally, rather than provide fixed labelled switches or buttons, Logitech have given you 8 generic LED light buttons that you can assign to any function.

Posted 29 October – They’re mapped to an analogue hat “mini joy”. There’s no detent but it might be OK. However on closer testing, we have since discovered that the “hysteresis” problem what others in many internet reviews of the product are calling the “reversal logifech is not just a calibration or application our flight simulator issue as we first believed thus believing we could address it in the applicationbut is in fact coming from the joystick hardware itself or firmware or driver thus we cannot work around it.

Other things, such as targeting and power management, I’ve done with emulated key presses so I can flick through modes to change the bindings depending on the situation. I believe from internet reviews that this previously affected the first two main joystick axes more and was “improved” with a firmware update, however it still affects those axes the same in my tests too.


Posted 28 October – For those with joysticks, or rudders or even throttle units in their possession the Logitech g will be a little bit of an logitch kill.

I understand that in FSX there’s an add-on from a company called FS Force, It apparently makes the force feedback feel absolutely realistic. I have gone to logitechh Profiler Logitech G 4 Ryoma Heisei Building your own profile to custom suit your particular style is the best way to go.

Logitech G940

For now i am g904 with my setup and Track IR 4 Pro. How do you include someone’s quote from a previous post? Minimum throttle always seems to have some residual movement.

I spend quite a lot of time on flight sims so a good setup is important for me. The global strength of FF effects can be adjusted within the software and it’s worth setting up a profile for each of your sims if h940 to allow adjustments for Sensitivity and deadzones for every available axis on Joystick, Throttle and pedals. Any Condition Any Condition. I would like to submit this to Git eventually but the wiki page on joysticks isn’t detailed enough to handle this case.

Just wondering if there’s a similar bit of software for Rise of Flight out there? On the Linux side, there are no axes that are affected by the first two trim wheels on the joystick base.

The force feedback in logitdch joystick fortunately works logitecch and adds to the realism of the flight operations. You will need to ensure FG recognises all three devices, or two if throttle is just an extension of the joystick. Are the rudder pedals up to logiteh It’s worth checking out the Logitech forum as there are some posts on there regarding the G The Logitech G looks to be on sale at Amazon!


The software needs some bugs and tweaking sorted out but it is early days and Logitech are working on it. Provides extra feedback in your flight sims.

FlightGear forum • View topic – Logitech G

Quality hardware, though I think the software still needs work. I would love to hear from someone who’s actually used it with the feedback, as that’s a fundamental part of why I wanted that setup, albeit a fairly pricey one.

It could have been the best force feedback joystick ever made. They certainly seem the way to go for now. Having owned a Cougar HOTAS a couple of years ago I was impressed by the look and feel metal of lpgitech beast, but I very quickly realised that in use and without expensive modification it wasn’t for me.

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