Item Location see all. For cheap video cameras – as opposed to the much more expensive Olympus – this qualifies as “low light”. Click Finish to restart the computer. The computer will automatically install necessary files. It’s hardly a world class result, but it’s not bloomin’ bad for the money. Not many pixels, of course, but the ones that are there are pretty good.

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Double click the Phonedrv02 folder.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam USB Free Driver Download for Windows ME, 98 () –

If you transfer the images again, it comes good. After installation of the drivers, ezphoje will ask to restart. Ezonics EZ Webcam -1 Questions. The exposure’s not disgustingly wrong, the compression hasn’t turned all of the leaves into squares, and it hasn’t messed up the red poinsettia flower-leaves either. The new EZCam Pro captures full motion video at 30 frames per second in full color. There’s a thumbwheel on the top of the lens assembly that you turn for focus; ush you turn it all the way to the csm, a white mark lines up with a “DSC” arrow to tell you that you’re now at the “infinity” focus point, which is the safest general setting for still photography when you don’t have a focus guide.


I bet it’d foul up similarly on any firewalled network. New sealed in original manufacturer packaging.

They might be able to change their gain, for instance, but they can’t tell which way to turn the metaphorical dial without a PC looking at their output and making the decisions for them. Even Best mode compression is pretty heavy, and now the poinsettia’s going a bit geometric.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam – web camera Overview – CNET

No, a pea-soup fog had not rolled in. When it’s turned on but doing nothing, it draws about 65 milliamps mA from the battery. But for a webcam with its features, at this price point, you can’t complain. The following files are found inside the driver download file.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam – web camera

About M E Page. I’m happy to say that the other Ezonics cameras did a lot better.

Browse all Ezonics Camera drivers. Its a wifi Cam and without having EZinstall Wizard 2. Double click on the Setup.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam USB Free Driver Download

More refinements More refinements Its image quality’s nothing special, and neither is its price, but it’s OK. The microphone’s a straightforward analogue one; it doesn’t deliver its signal down the USB cable.

All of the other Ezonics cameras come with a ueb NetMeeting installer. It’ll give you dark and grainy results from many webcams.


If the batteries go flat, or you remove them, you lose the memory contents. This doesn’t apply in webcam mode, though. Video Worksa more capable editing package that includes luxuries like effects.

Overview Reviews Related Drivers. In the plain tethered-webcam department – cameras that only work when they’re connected to the computer – there are any number of little golf balls and trapezoids and eggs and phasers, all with a lens sticking out somewhere and a USB cable.

Answered on Apr 04, Here’s the Phone Cam’s by low light result Sub many pixels, of course, but the ones that are there are pretty good. The Ezonics camera software bundles have a large area of overlap.

The switch position doesn’t seem to matter for untethered use. For cheap video cameras – as opposed to the much more expensive Olympus – this qualifies as “low light”. This is bylow light