Enjoy true wireless chatting – A complete wireless solution that gives you the freedom to walk around and multitask while chatting on Skype. It’s unlikely that it can go for a full day of intermittent use. The Stone2’s Achilles’ heel is its battery. Posted 18 hours ago Be the first to answer. Regardless of which one I chose, I had trouble getting a good fit, and the headset always felt a bit loose — all I had to do was jerk my head from side to side to make it fling off. Inside is capacitive proximity sensor technology that can detect whether the device is in your ear, which lets you route the call to the headset when it’s being used and to the phone when not.

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After setting up a call, I walked away, noted where the connection was lost and walked back slowly to see if it automatically reconnected. This also works when you’re streaming music from your phone — it easychah the audio when you take the headset off and resumes it when you put the headset back on. Pack is fine with my other FT60 and Radio When I was driving, some background wind noise was audible to my caller, and the conversation was a little clipped, with words cut off here and there, but on the whole, the quality was top-notch and the conversation was easyvhat on both eassychat of the call.

It’s unlikely that it can go for a full day of intermittent use. Posted on Dec 06, Be the first to answer. Best Android photo and video apps. The ERA headset doesn’t have a traditional battery gauge, either. The Stone2’s ear loop can’t be removed, so the headset can’t be worn in the left ear.


Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. It stayed connected to my phone for 25 feet, the shortest distance of the five. Tech EasyChat is a very basic headset that lacks some of the mobile creature comforts that the others provide.

And two — the Jawbone ERA and the Voyager Pro UC — have introduced technology that allows easychst to switch back to your phone automatically when you remove the headset from your ear.

Five Bluetooth headsets: Not just for phone calls

Not finding what you are looking for? Skype is slowly sasychat surely changing our mentality towards voice calling, also video chat, as the service continues to permeate into the minds of mobile users all around the world.

A number of interesting new features have started appearing among today’s Bluetooth headsets.

Lightweight, a variety of ear tips, good battery life, easy setup, excellent audio, automatic volume control. You can also manually increase or decrease the volume by pressing easyvhat Talk button, which took a couple of seconds to kick in but worked well.

Jawbone lets you pick from eight different voices that are available for download.

iTech EasyChat Bluetooth Headset VKRFYKESN

Morgan reports that after comfort, people generally look for an earpiece that sounds good regardless of whether they’re tooling down the ewsychat or sitting in a noisy departure lounge. To make it louder or softer, just swipe your finger up or down the length of the device; a tone confirms the action.


Hey Mate can u plz help me in configuring it with my mobile phone. The device includes four silicone ear tips, but none fit my ears quite right. If I activate the “right” earbud then only music will eashchat played on that earbud despite the “left” earbud being paired already but not activated. Its long boom microphone made me feel a little self-conscious while wearing it in public.

The shiny black-and-silver case is a real eye-catcher, and the company also sells a version with a leatherette exterior. Inexpensive, small and light, Skype app, comes with Bluetooth dongle, comfortable. Futuristic design that breaks away from the ubiquitous shiny plastic earpiece makes the Jawbone ERA stand out from the crowd.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Unfortunately, unlike the Stone2 and CommandOne, it doesn’t have a visible battery gauge.

Unanswered Itech EasyChat Questions & Problems – Fixya

Here are the facts. All but the EasyChat headset came with the ability to download phone apps that work with the headset. It comes with a MicroUSB charging cable, an AC adapter with a one-foot cable, and a dock that it snaps into for charging. It may be enviably easycchat, light and inexpensive, but the i.

Selecting a Bluetooth headset is a very personal decision that involves many variables.