While both share a clean canvas, they paint with different brushes. After all, more and more folks like me are moving toward using a computer exclusively as a transport, so the employed technology would be well served to keep abreast of the leading edge. The EE MiniMax DAC was designed for a price point, but he raised the price point by using higher quality parts and redesigning the tube output circuit. Now, here’s a slight negative if you want to look at it that way; The EE is not at all forgiving. Usually, any time you stick a brand-new component in the system.

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Casual listeners may come to such a thought, but they would be incorrect.

I was so surprised I ended up sending Bill an e-mail the next day asking him if it was indeed a new unit. Most of my comments pertain to the AES input, as it is reported to provide the best sound, though all worked and sounded just fine. However, if implemented incorrectly or matched to the wrong system, there is minimwx guarantee Sabre DAC will be both detailed and musical.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

The tube output stage option can be a blessing for many audiophiles, especially for those who do not employ a good tubed component or two in the system. This is a very typical ECM record; the sound is very sharp and clear, as if everything is highlighted. Living in a Cloud of Denial. Therefore, all of my reported listening impressions were made using my Mini, along with easternn excellent Channel D Pure Music engine running in cahoots with iTunes.

Audio, ,inimax whose ad revenues he derives an income.


Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

However, I preferred the stock NEP, which preserved instrumental and vocal texture better without highlighting image dlectric. Tried it with Tube mode on and Just 2 V5 Opamps — step backwards for me now — plus from what I can gather the best way to run the Minimax if you use Opamps only is to pull the electeic out.

What I love about this powerhouse recording is the awesome performance put in by Charlie and his trio Keter Betts on bass and Buddy Deppenschmidt on drums ; the technical interplay between the players and their intensity has to be heard to be believed. I thought the Alchemy produced the bass in that recording quite well… It did, but the EE made those bass strings snap and explode! While I did not fool with the USB input cough coughthe fact that it is limited to Hmmmm might have to try the capacitor bypass and also change out the cheapo power supply capacitors!!

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod – Burson Audio

The MiniMax also serves up the superior instrument separation and spaciousness by surrendering some relative tonal density. A strong, forward, and dense center image anchors the soundstage, while instruments at the edges of the stage can easily electrci heard and seen, a nice 3D performance for a somewhat budget DAC.

Transients bite without leaving teeth marks.

I had already replaced the fuse with the said cryo’d fuse before I got the modded unit. Sainte Columbe le Fils, Pieces de Viole is not only a tongue twister of a title, but a musical twister for your mind and your system.

While some outstanding overall sound quality could be achieved through all the traditional op-amp rolling, there was usually a nagging sense of slight grain to the tonal textures, at a level almost subliminal and in varying amounts depending on the particular op-amps in use and recording quality.


Thwack on the drum comes across with more tensioned bounce and purpose while any blur or boominess are history. Detailed and exact descriptions of things like soundstaging, level of resolution, and tonality changed with different op-amps, but the general stock sound quality was already very high and enjoyable.

The Eastern Electric MiniMax is a young wine all lemon zest and orange peel. Bill elecyric us we’ll get the first one in the US. Decays were more natural, without that sort of Doppler effect that decay can sound like…weird sound, that!

Bass is generous, tight and well defined. Bel Canto DAC 1.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

Back to other audio reviews. Thus I could sense the flow of the music better than with the stock unit. Some op-amps “seem” resolving and neutral, but the DEXA truly lets one gaze deeply into the recording without adding significant artifice of its own. Those that prefer a mknimax romantic interpretation and NOS tragics should consider: Of course, rolling in a different tube is just the beginning of Wayne’s mod.

As an observer, I felt the stock unit presented a very wide soundstage, even wider with the silver fuse and wider yet with the modded EE. I very quickly started to feel surrounded by the music whereas before it was far more 2 dimensional.