Shows the direction of the flight. Battery is discharged In models with electric motor, this warning means that the battery is discharged. The instruments can be moved individually by dragging them with the left mouse button and holding the Control key down. In this case, the sun glare will blind our eyes for a few moments. If the multirotor is further than 20m, the reference is set away from the pilot. The instrument panel has various presentation styles and decluter:

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Altitude Increment m 0. You can assign a channel to select the camera.

Avionics Repair and Manufacture Depot

Check for updates at startup. Slow down the speed of simulation. Controller configuration Transmitter, Mouse, Keys. To proceed to next level all stars must be collected. Exports the scenario to a e-glue that can be shared with friends. In the Free Mode, the camera can move to any position. The scenarios in Aero SIM RC are populated with interactive birds that will fly away from the model is they feel threatened.

Fill Fuel Tank and Recharge Battery. Artificial Horizon Shows the roll and pitch angles of the model. Flight aerisim and quick react defensive capability for the U.

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Avionics Repair and Manufacture Depot. The Bottom Menu Bar provides access to the most used functions. When the model runs out of fuel or is beyond radio range, warning signs will be displayed on the screen.

Our company specializes in the overhaul, repair and manufacturing of a wide spectrum of avionic equipment such as communications, navigation, radar, and ground-based electronic systems. Real speed of simulation. Course Lock or Care Free aetosim N. On the right top corner, the remaining fuel percentage, the accumulated points, the number of stars collected and max score for current scenario are shown. The acceleration G the model is withstanding is also shown at the bottom right corner.

Shows a large image of the aircraft as seen from the ground.

Imports a new scenario downloaded from the internet or taken from a friend. You get points collecting stars, and passing through rings and posts, and flying near birds, until running out of fuel. The red above the blue means that the model is above the star and needs to dive.


Speed up the speed of simulation. Each scenario has several levels.

Turn Aircraft Upright F Learn about the history of our company and how we have become a leader in avionics repair and manufacturing. Fuel is not consumed nor battery is discharged, allowing unlimited flight time. Tick this box to automatically check, at simulator startup, if a new update is available. In real life, the pilot must avoid looking at the sun while flying the model.

The windsock flashes when the model heading relative to the wind e-blud is not appropriate for take of or landing. The cross button deletes the recording.

In models with electric motor, this instrument shows the remaining charge Ahvoltage Voltsdischarge current Ampsand estimated flying time at current consumption. In this case, the scenario files e-blur be installed manually.

Beyond Radio Range This shows that the model is beyond the radio range. The windsock in the scenario shows graphically the direction and magnitude of the wind.