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Shouldn’t they have something like a unique-per-scanner ID just like network cards have MAC addresses? Saturday, March 31, 3: The OPOS drivers will be installed in a directory typically c: Anyway, if someone is working with Datalogic’s OPOS legacy drivers, do know that I was not able to communicate with more than one scanner in the same time.

The company only provides legacy OPOS drivers. The Magellan VS scanner is opps effective in drug stores, convenience stores, smaller to medium sized grocery stores, DIY stores and specialty stores. Datalogic is a tough one. Why you need to identify which exactly is the scanner?

Datalogic | Magellan i Scanner

Resolution of various defects. Flash memory allows for easy software upgrades and datxlogic auxiliary RS port provides versatility for adding a handheld scanner, programming and configuring the scanner, or accessing the scanners label data output. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. What exactly are those items returned by GetDevices?

Sunday, April 1, 6: Our mission is to provide our Customers with excellent serviceat every interaction, tailored to their profiles and their industry. Scanner1 Scanner2 Scanner3 Scanner4 Scanner5 Scanner6 Then you can programmatically call each one as desired by logical name.


Magellan 9800i, Fixed Retail Scanners

Use additional PC to connect at least Admin scanner. I also know that there are tools for associating a logical name to a Service Object this would also be an impediment for depolyment as I would have to repeat the process each time I’m changing the machine. I’ve been able to use Putty in serial mode to connect to datalogc device and it works just fine.

Removing the active scanner, would enable the second scanner to work. Wednesday, April 4, 8: This application once installed will sit in your system tray by the clock.

I keep feeling that there’s something that I was doing wrong since it does seem impossible to me that they have not sorted out having more than one scanners connected by now.

Test that you can communicate with the scale. How do I determine which items stand for my currently connected physical devices? Hello, I am interested in retrieving data from a number of barcode scanners which are connected via USB to a machine.

Magellan 2200VSi, Fixed Retail Scanners

If you continue browsing on the website you consent to the use of cookies. The only problem is that I could not find a tool which sets the LDN field for Datalogic barcode scanners. The Magellan i scanner with TDR also has a customer-facing imager allowing shoppers to quickly and easily self-scan digital coupons from mobile devices, paper-based coupons and loyalty cards. Any existing software application supporting serial communications can utilize USB scanner connectivity simply by redirecting the data input to the defined virtual COM port.


Contacts and Success Stories. I don’t have the physical devices yet, so I’m just trying to anticipate here. As Woodchux pointed out, you have to setup unique logical IDs for each device.

Then you have to test each one to see which logical ID it goes with. Very limited stock and spares may be available for the unit. Datalogic Partners with Toshiba. Datalogic technical support is very helpful and can send you the barcodes you need to set these scale parameters.