It consists of a sterilizing chamber A surrounded by a large shell and forming a steam jacket out- side the chamber. Oecasifin- ally tor cvceptuma WT-alfiiT t’ondilmns mkIi as winds, hot sun. A typical complete zoning arrangement is shown in Fig. Sometimes an egg boiler is placed on a shelf attached to the urn stand. Mechanical Shaft seols can be supplied as an alternative.

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When the Series “78” Traps are used, the valve in the return outlet, which was generally supplied by the manufacturer as a part of his equipment. Submerged shaft bearing to be of the non-metallic self-lubricoting type for high temperature Condensate service. Available ii cast steel for pressures over luu lbs. The use of Webster Series “78” Traps over- comes these disadvantages.

This is equivalent to square feet of heating surface in the warm- ing coil, assuming the unit condensation rate of H pound per square foot. When it is possible to obtain the dimensions of the water lank, the depth of water and hrother permis- sible heating-up period, the amount of steam re- quired to raise the water to the boiling point in the given time rbother be readily found, following the methods given above and from this the hourly rate of condensation can be figured.

Minimum diameter pit 16″. Iwo-pipe systems ot n-c230h circulation in which sleam is delivered to radiators and other heat- ing surfaces through supply piping.

In addition a perforated pipe coil may be provided in the boiling compartment under a false bottom, providing live steam for cooking. When the condensation to be handled is very hot or exceeds the rated capacity of a single Series “78” Trap, a Webster Series “79” combination densate will re-evaporate upon entering the region of lower pressure and the vapor thus formed may seriously lower the vacuum and require the use of jet water at the pump.


Com- plete current characteristics must be given brothr ordering.

These temperatures call for steam, unmixed with air. All sheet metal parts shall have a grav prime finish. Standard equipment includes a special Webster Dirt Strainer with extra heavy brass nipple for insertion in city water supply and a brass drain nc-230b with iron nipple for test- ing purposes. After Biillelin Bw27F Fig.

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The upper loop to the heating system is provided with a motor-operated shut-otf valve connected to a clock thermostat in one of the bedrooms. Carton Dimensions W”xD”xH” These sizes can be mounted in pipe line without other support.

For t iid teed convectors, cup type orifices are normally used. Oversize boll bearings mounted on widely spaced centers carry radial and thrust loads. Or, if desired, the distribution mains may be located at the top floor with vertical connections feeding downward.

When the nc-320h is on the “high” part of the brotjer. Oklahoma Crrv I, Okla. The only difference in these classes is in the size oi the seal opening, which is made smaller for the higher pressures.

Valve piece and stem are Monel Metal while the seat is Stainless Steel. Mechanical Shaft seols can be supplied as an alternative. Steam pressures utilized range from about 15 pounds to 75 pounds per square inch, although present-day practice generally calls for 15 pounds to 25 pounds. The filtering media is Linen Terry Turkish towel- ling.


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Customers, if inter- ested, are invited to send a representative to witness test of any pump they might order. They are similar in design to the warming closets and contain in addition steam atomizers to spray steam vapor into the compart- ment.

The control components have been designed especially to facilitate this adjustment brothed the in- corpnrtition of the adjustable means is one of the outstanding features of the unique design of this Webster Control.

S2 ‘: To assure max- imum venting speed the Webster Process Steam Trap discharges directly to the atmosphere since it is located above the condensate level Conden- sate is accumulated in the bottom of the cooking compartment and later discharged to a drain.

Air is present in two forms. Click here for print speed methodology. The screen is placed with one end open to the inlet port and the other end opm to the blow oil. Webster Boiler Protectors are made in two models: