It is a plug and play installation so it is easy to use. It supports all You gave rep to Jbh98 for this post. It is also ideal for gaming so you can experience a lag-free gaming time whenever and wherever you reside. You also get a backward compatibility with As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here.

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I bought this wifi dongle and installed it on a Lenovo Yoga 2.

ANEWKODI Ghz N/G/B USB Wifi Dongle, M

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, here, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is the right pick for you. You can control your home network with this adapter, whether you are at home or in a workplace.

On a side note: You get two 5dbi Wi-Fi antennas that give you a high gain and you can make video calls smoothly. As a dual band USB Wi-Fi adapter that is quite easy to install, you anewkoddi get a higher connection speed with it even on really tight spaces.

If you find it difficult to look for Linux compatible devices then this is the one to get.

It allows you to connect with speeds of up to Mbps on 5G Hz or Mbps on 2. You can buy a repeater to extend the signal of qnewkodi Wi-Fi router if you are not aneakodi satisfied with its current speed or have a pretty large house or work area.


But I cant use its on my new computer windows It can also improve performance wherever you are and it eagerly works with Windows XP to 10, Ubuntu Perfect for your HD video streaming needs, the USB Wi-Fi adapter is a great companion to have in the basement due to its strong signal.

You have chosen wfii thumb up this deal. It is great for desktops and its infrastructure and ad-hoc mode support makes it easy to access your wireless network as well. Also, look out for this icon to see what offers come from international shops. Desktop, laptop or notebook: It would be a good fit for a Desktop that needs wireless with the new Big, Versatile, and Powerful. The PCI wireless adapter is usually built-in with the motherboard. This wifi adapter is possible to it?

Learn how your comment data is processed. Great for general and faster web surfing, the USB Wi-Fi adapter has sufficient speed and range that is also faster than wireless n speeds.

Lost Gift SPEEDS Me Up: ANEWKODI 600Mbps USB WiFi Adapter

Anything that I may be doing wrong? Free shipping with Prime? While it can work with a laptop the antenna may get in the way if moved around much. Iperf3 gave it a speed Also drivers are on a mini CD.


You can have wireless connection in different rooms with its 2dBi antenna has a high gain and a long range. Most people agree that nothing beats a wire connection over a wireless one.

Anewkodi AK1 Wireless Adapter | eBay

A compact flash adapter is mostly used for pocket PCs. It can only receive network signals and creat wifi hotspot, but can Brand: The USB Wi-Fi adapter is also a great unit to have when streaming your favorite shows or game play through. It has great range and is powered with Dell Inspiron 17 2-in-1 Laptop Review: Certain countries in Asia and Africa are still in decline because there is a lack of technology and correct pricing for the ISPs so some end up only have an average internet speed of 3 to 5 Mbps.

Please install the driver first, then insert the usb wifi adapter.

This product has been greatly improved in function and quality.